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Past Speakers

Spring 2017

West Virginia and the Industries of the Future
    Alec Ross
    New York Times best-selling author & former Senior Advisor for Innovation at the U.S. Department of State

Fake News

Panel Discussion 

    Emily Corio -Moderator
    Teaching Assistant Professor, WVU

    Elizabeth Cohen
    Assistant Professor of Communications Studies, WVU

    Zach Graves
    Technology Policy Program Director, R Street Institute

    Paige Lavender
    Senior Politics Editor, the Huffington Post

    David Mikkelson

    Errin Haines Whack
    Urban Affairs Reporter, the Associated Press

Fall 2016

American Injustice: Mercy, Humanity and Making a Difference

    Bryan Stevenson
    Campus Read Author

The Dawn of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy

    Sean McWilliams, PhD 
    Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

Seafood from Slaves: From Investigation to Pulitzer Prize

Panel Discussion

    Emily Corio -Moderator
    Teaching Assistant Professor
    West Virginia University

    Margie Mason
    Writer, Associated Press 

    Robin McDowell
    Writer, Associated Press 

    Martha Mendoza
    Writer, Associated Press 

    Esther Htusan
    Writer, Associated Press

The Dance of Feminism and the Human Rights Globally over the Past 25 Years

    Charlotte Bunch
    Founding Director and Senior Scholar at the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Rutgers University

Spring 2016

Fractured Spaces: Deconstructing Photo Narratives from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan

    Lois Raimondo
    The Shott Chair of Journalism, West Virginia University Reed College of Media

America's Opiate Epidemic

    Sam Quinones
    Author of American Pain and Associate Professor
    In conversation with John Temple
    Reed College of Media, West Virginia University

Fall 2015

Beyond the Hype and Headlines: The 2016 Elections Matter more than you think

Panel Discussion

    Micheal Tomasky -Moderator
    Special Correspondent for the Daily Beast and Editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
    West Virginia University, Class of 1982

    Jamelle Bouie
    Chief Political Correspondent, Slate

    Ezra Klein
    Editor-in-Chief, Vox

    Paige Lavender
    Senior Politics Editor, Huffington Post
    West Virginia University, Class of 2011

    Mercedes Schlapp
    Co-founder of Cove Strategies, TV political commentator and former White House spokesperson 
    under President George W. Bush

Healthy Brain Aging: What you can do now

    Charles F. Reynolds II, MD
    UPMC Endowed Professor in Geriatric Psychiatry 
    Director, Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research in Late Life Depression Prevention
    and Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry    
    Director, Aging Institute of UPMC Senior Services and the University of Pittsburgh

The Culture Wars of the '80s and '90s

    Michael Bérubé  
    Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Literature and Director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities
    Pennsylvania State University 

America's New Manufacturing

    Eric A. Spiegel
    President and CEO, Siemens Corporation, USA

Diversity is a Way of Life

    Justin Brown
    Founder, Diversity Awareness Program

From World War I to World War Z

Max Brooks

Spring 2015

    Marcel Drimer
    Holocaust Survivor 

Barbara Kellerman
    James McGregor Burns Lecturer in Leadership
    Center for Public Leadership

Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation

Dan Fagin
    Environmental Journalist

Fall 2014

November 2014

Stuart Yudofsky, MD
    Chairman of the department of psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital

Get the Picture: A Personal History of Photojournalism

John G. Morris
    Photo Editor, Life Magazine 

September 2014

Chuck D
    Music Artist

Spring 2014

An Evening with Robert Edsel

Robert Edsel

The BRAIN Initiative: Computers, Connectomes and the Emergence of Technology

Paul Holcomb
    Neuroscience PhD Student, Dr. George Spirou lab at West Virginia University 

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

Angela Davis
    Distinguished Professor Emerita, University of California, Santa Cruz

Fall 2013

Aspiring to Greatness: West Virginia University since WWII

Ronald Lewis
    West Virginia University Professor Emeritus, Department of History 

The End: Nuru's Vision for a World without Poverty

Jake Harriman
    Founder and CEO, Nuru International

Spring 2013


Scott W. Tinker
    Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin 
    and the co-producer the film “Switch”

Fall 2012

Human Rights Campaign

    Candace Gingrich-Jones
    Associate Director, Youth and Campus Outreach

The End of Illness 

    David B. Agus, MD
    Pioneering Cancer Doctor, Biomedical Researcher
    NY Times Best Selling Author

Globalization and the Lessons of Leadership

    Jeffrey R. Immelt
    Chairman and CEO, General Electric

Spring 2012

Charles Best
    Educator and Founder,

The Revolution will be Tweeted

Panel Discussion

    Andy Carvin
    Senior Strategist, National Public Radio's Social Media Desk

    Issandr El Amrani
    Cairo-Based Writer, Blogger and Consultant

    Jigar Mehta
    Digital Entrepreneur, Video Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker of 18 Days in Egypt

    Nasser Weddady
    Civil Rights Outreach Director, American Islamic Congress

    Jillian York
    Director of International Freedom of Expression, Electronic Frontier Foundation

An Evening with Dr. Robert DiClarico

Robert DiClarico, PhD
    Political Science Professor and Presidential Scholar, West Virginia University 

How to Win a Cosmic War

Reza Aslan
    Author and Entrepreneur

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

More Davids than Goliaths

Harold Ford, Jr.
    Former U.S. Congressman 

Fall 2011

A Private Conversation with Jerry West

Jerry West
    Retired NBA Player 
    WVU Alumni 

The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD
    Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction

The Land Grant Faith and its Practice

C. Peter Magrath, PhD
    Interim President, State University of New York at Binghamton 

Spring 2011

Unscientific America: How Science Illiteracy Threatens our Future

Sheril Kirshenbaum
    Research Scientist, the Webber Energy Group

The Front-lines of History: 20 Years of Reporting from Around the World

Sebastian Junger
    Award Winning Journalist and Author
    2011 Academy Award Nominee

    Tim Hetherington
    Filmmaker and Photojournalist 
    2011 Academy Award Nominee

Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster

Michael Eric Dyson


John Kao
    Author and Strategic Advisor 

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

Duncan Lorimer
    Professor of Astronomy, West Virginia University 

    Maura McLaughlin 
    Professor of Astronomy, West Virginia University 

Fall 2010

An Evening with James Gunn

James Gunn

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot

Spring 2010

The Questions

Debate Team

    Samantha Godbey

Want Jobs? Invest in our Universities 

Norman R. Augustine
    Chair, Rising Above the Gathering Storm Committee
    National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

The World without Us

Alan Weisman

The Peace Caravan Project

Marla Mossman
    Photographer and Artist 

An Evening with Gary Paul Nabhan

Gary Paul Nabhan, PhD

Diversity: On TV, Behind the Scenes and in our Lives

Soledad O'Brien 
    Acclaimed Special Investigations Correspondent and Host, CNN's In America Documentaries

An Evening with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. 

Henry Louis Gates Jr. PhD
    Alphonse Fletcher University Professor, Harvard University
    Director, W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research

Step Out on Nothing: An Evening with Byron Pitts

Byron Pitts
    CBS News Chief National Correspondent and Contributing Correspondent, 60 Minutes

2009 Series

The Evolution of Mass Communication

Walter Isaacson
    Writer and Journalist

The Search and Discovery of our Earliest Ancestors

Meave Leakey

Darwin, Complexity, Systems Biology and P4 Medicine

Leroy Hood
    President and Co-founder, ISB; SVP & CSO, Providence St. Joseph Health

Politics, Policy and Reality: What's Really Going on in Washington

Gwen Ifill
    Moderator and Managing Editor, PBS's "Washington Week"
    Co-Anchor and Managing Editor, "PBS NewsHour"

Hip Hop's Influence on Law and Culture

Cornel West, PhD
    Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice, Union Theological Seminary 

Free the Poor! The Evolution of Ideas toward Ending Poverty from the Bottom Up

William Easterly
    Professor of Economics, New York University 
    Co-director, NYU Development Research Institute

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